Work We've Been Involved With


Save The Crew

Save the Crew is a grassroots community organization that was formed to be a voice for the Columbus Soccer Community when a potential move of the franchise was announced. Through its efforts, the club will be staying in Columbus under new, local ownership in 2019 and beyond. We provided video services for on-site testimonials at the initial rally on October 26, 2017, sound design for an in-theater ad, as well as a jersey reveal video (with b roll support from Kinopicz).


Partners Achieving Community Transformation

Partners Achieving Community Transformation (PACT) is a partnership between the City of Columbus, The Ohio State University, the Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) and Near East Side stakeholders. PACT’s vision is to create a healthy, financially and environmentally sustainable community where residents have access to safe and affordable housing, quality healthcare and education, and employment opportunities on the Near East Side of Columbus, Ohio. We provided video solutions for general program overviews, year-in-review, a video-greeting, as well as a promotional video for a week-long community event called NES Hop.


Greater Ohio Policy Center

Greater Ohio Policy Center develops and advances policies and practices that value Ohio’s urban cores and metropolitan regions as economic drivers and preserve Ohio’s open space and farmland. Through advocacy, research, outreach, and education, it strives to create a policy and political climate that allow Ohio's communities to stabilize and thrive for statewide economic growth. Through Greater Ohio Policy Center, we provided a video storytelling solution for the Ohio Water Development Authority to highlight the benefits of establishing regional water systems and in rural counties. We filmed some on site as well as coordinated video from multiple sources around the state.


Ohio CDC Association

The Ohio CDC Association is a statewide membership organization that fosters vibrant neighborhoods and improves the quality of life in all communities through advocacy and capacity building of its member agencies. It's members are generally mission-focused, local community development organizations that make positive changes for their respective communities, but it was difficult to convey that message to potential funding partners, legislators, and the general public. We provided video and visual storytelling solutions to share their compelling message.